Analyze the Damage To Your Computer

Repair Computers When we turn on your computer or laptop and changes on the observe display does not appear nothing or empty, but the lighting on, fan rotating brand and VGA as well, what about the damage it? Here's my research of:

  • No audio "Beep" at all but the observe does not present images, we can not be sure where the difficult components. Eliminate all components attached immediately on the mother board and fresh. If it's the bios but did not want to perform its OS (Windows, Unix like, Mac) try to examine the disk drive wire freeze if reduce.
  • The audio of "beep" a few months, your pc is my companion in normal or excellent, but if the display still does not present the picture, try to examine friend the relationship wire from the CPU to the observe if it is set up properly.
  • The audio of "Beep" two periods smaller, there is a issue in the CMOS configurations, try to totally recast the CMOS by modifying sweater roles on the mother board, there is usually a 6 or 8 hooks (legs) just writing my companion looking for clear CMOS is linked between the foot of what numbers and how (each mother board is different)
  • The audio of "Beep" a while and a few months indicates that there are problems with RAM, RAM examine friend if set up properly, or dislodged RAM it first and then remove with a gum eraser and fresh the position anyway RAM position with a clean.
  • The audio of "Beep" Once 2 periods the short-term and there is a issue on the observe or VGA card good friend, Check whether the observe is still excellent and examine the VGA card, remove and fresh.
  • The audio of "Beep" 1 and 3 periods the duration of the smaller time there is a issue with the Key pad (Keyboard) pal, examine the relationship or the relationship from the CPU to the laptop keyboard, freeze if reduce and do not get any position with a computer mouse relationship, usually a different shade, corresponding large of the laptop keyboard relationship friend, but my companion uses a USB relationship is certainly no different.
  • The audio of "Beep" a while and 9 periods smaller, indicating there is a issue in the ROM BIOS, to handle change with a new ROM BIOS, ROM BIOS by unplugging from the plug, locate the appropriate type or brand mother board with a companion to use.
    The audio of "Beep" steady smaller there is a issue in the PSU (Power Supply Unit) due to risky current.
  • The audio of "Beep" steady duration indicates there is a issue with the RAM, examine and fresh the following RAM position.

Each motherboard sometimes give value "Beep" different, the above description, only a wide summarize only, or in general terms.


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